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Welcome to Green Mountain Research Inc

Green Mountain Research Inc is a Huntsville company that provides engineering support and custom technical products to Government and commercial clients. The technical focus of GMR products and services is design, development, production, and deployment of networks of distributed embedded systems. Core technical competencies are:

      - Military and Aerospace Hardware Testing

      - Industrial Automation

      - Deterministic Software Development of Real-Time and FPGA platforms

      - Automated Test and Control Processes including: Data Acquisition, Operator-in-the-Loop and Hardware-in-the-Loop     testing

      - National Instruments Hardware and Software Proficiency

      - Experimental methods in Aerodynamics, RF Phenomenology, and Electronic Systems

      - Trajectory Kinematics Prediction and Analysis for Ballistic and Guided Missiles

      - Instrumentation of Research Development Test and Evaluation networks, including:

                               - Architectural concept

                               - Hardware Integration

                               - Software Development and Digital Communication Protocols

                               - Timing Protocols and IP networking

                               - Signal acquisition and Analysis

                               - Process automation and Data archival

                                          Registrations, Permits and Classifications

 Alabama Secretary of State File Number:    260-803

 State of Alabama Business License:            Madison County 16696

 City of Huntsville Business License:             32604

 Dun and Bradstreet Registration:                830725987

 CAGE Code:                                             5GZS9

 NAICS Code:                                            541712

 Date of Incorporation:                               April 29, 2009