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Dedicated To Building Solutions

Green Mountain Research, Inc. is a customer-oriented engineering company dedicated to developing new solutions for our partners around the globe. We create purpose-built integrated products using the latest technology to provide robust solutions for converged mechanical, electronic, and computing requirements.

We were founded in 2009 with the aim of providing effective and efficient solutions for our partners. Since then, we have provided design and manufacturing services, prototyping, and site support to customers in the armed services, intelligence community, test and evaluation community, and industry. 

We specialize in designing and building tailor-made systems and products for customers around the world. We listen to your requirements and we work alongside you to deliver the best possible results. We are agile and able to quickly understand what you need and we get to work designing and building solutions to meet the challenges you face.

Green Mountain Research is an SBA non-traditional small business located in Huntsville, Alabama.


Military Aerospace Optics and Electronics Testing

Military/ Aerospace Optics and Electronics Testing

Automated Test and Control Processes

Automated Test and Control Processes and Industrial Automation

Instrumentation Design and Prototype

Instrumentation design and prototype and production of RDT&E Networks. 



3d custom printing

3-D Custom Printing